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When it comes to positive reinforcement training, there are many helpful training aids available. I firmly believe that physically punishing a pet or hurting them in any way is abuse and only creates fear in your pup – so avoid that tactic at all costs…there are too many stories in the news.

Personally, I use the Dogtra IQ ECollar with Wesley and Klayton. I was trained how to use it properly and only use low-level stimulation. Inexperienced use of the collar can be detrimental to your pets. So if you go this route, please get trained first. Look for a reputable trainer in your area that can train you properly before use. Check out what LARPBO has to say about the e-collar: What’s up with the E-Collar?

I have also witnessed first hand the benefits of using a Prong Collar – if properly fit, backed up by a carabiner clip, and taught proper use by professional trainers. I no longer believe the prong collar is inhumane and witnessed that they do not hurt the dog if used correctly. I have seen people bring their dogs to training with ill-fitted prong collars and marks on their dogs neck. If the collar is leaving painful marks on your pups neck, it’s not properly fitted. Once the trainers show those pet owners how to use it, the results can be seen right away.

There is also Clicker Training with food reward. If you don’t want to use food, you can use their favorite toy or praise and attention. Clicker training is a positive reinforcement technique. When the dog performs the command correctly, the clicker is pushed to show that it was exactly what you wanted them to do, and a treat is given.

Not all the methods listed above will work for every dog. If one approach doesn’t work, try an alternative method until you find the one that works best for you and your pup. Speaking to and working with a professional trainer can help determine which method to use.
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