Why should I care about Training?

Well I’m glad you clicked on this post to find out.

Training is important for many reasons, especially if you want to take your pup out in public. Well behaved dogs, especially pit bull type breed, is essential to changing peoples perception and misconceptions about bully breeds. All breeds of dogs will benefit from obedience training; the dog will live happier and it doesn’t hurt in helping curb their destructive behavior. Case in point, see the Dogs life page for examples of bad behavior.

This video showcases the group that Wesley and his brother Klayton train with. Wesley is currently training to earn his Canine Good Citizen (CGC) certificate. Los Angeles Responsible Pit Bull Owners group (LARPBO) changed my life, saved my house, and restored my sanity. Wherever you live, I highly recommend looking for a group training class. Group classes help with socialization around people and other dogs.
Have you checked out the Super Dogs page yet?

LARPBO Website

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