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Food, Treats & Healthy Eats - SomeDogsLife

Food, Treats & Healthy Eats

Dogs LOVE food & treats, but if you’re a pet lover like I am, you already knew that. ? However, not all food and treats are created equally! Personally, I did a ton of research before choosing what to give to my pups. Especially since SomeDog has an extremely sensitive stomach; the last thing I want to do is make him sick. It took many different food tries and a comprehensive allergy test at the vet to figure out what would work best for him and what to avoid all together. Klayton on the other hand has what I like to call an iron stomach and can eat pretty much anything. To make life simple he gets whatever Wesley can eat. He doesn’t complain trust me on that. What you’ll read below is only my personal opinion.

Dry Food

Feeding your pets healthy food is good for their body and soul. There are so many choices out there and you could get lost in the research. I personally stay away from the grocery store products like dry kibble or canned wet food even though it’s convenient and cheaper. For some reason those products scare me. Maybe you believe they’re okay for your pets and that okay, it’s just one place I will avoid. There are companies out there like EntirelyPets and Amazon that will auto-ship dog food and other needs right to your door at a discounted price if you’re truly looking for convenience.

 Raw Food

Another option is feeding raw food to your pups. Raw feeding ingredients can include a variety of muscle & organ meat, bones, raw eggs, fruits, vegetables and some dairy/yogurt. Benefits include healthier skin, shiner coats, smaller stools with less odor, cleaner teeth, reduced flatulence, less shedding, and more.

If you’re looking to feed raw and make your life easier, Raw Paws Pet Food supplies GMO Free, USA raised, all natural wild game food delivered to your door. Their food doesn’t contain fillers, preservatives, antibiotics, additives, grain, gluten, added hormones, or by-products found in most dry pet foods. Many of those added ingredients are the cause of allergies in pets. We have to carefully check ingredient lists when deciding what to feed SomeDog due to his allergies.

Partial Raw Feeding

Maybe 100% raw or 100% dry food doesn’t sound like something you’re interested in. Depending on your preference you can feed your pup a mixed diet of dry and raw at each meal, go raw a few times per month, or just as a special treat now and then. There are no rules.


My boys LOVE naturally shed, odor-free (okay well maybe that’s what I love), grain free antler chews. They don’t splinter and last a long time. They also love odor-free, 100% digestible, free-range bully sticks. Both of these dog delicious treats stimulate their teeth and gums to help reduce plaque and tarter build-up.

All Natural Raw Pet Food, as low as $1.50 per day!   image   HUGE Sale Going on now! Start Shopping


Seems like everyday I’m getting notices about recalled pet food and treats. It’s unsettling to have to worry about what you can and cannot feed your pet. There is a website that gives ratings and reviews on different dog foods called Dog Food Advisor that I find very helpful. I signed up for the email to receive important recall alerts so I stay informed.

Please consult a professional before feeding your pups anything. This information is just my opinion and I’m far from an expert.

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