A Dog’s Life

A dog’s life… Eat, Play, Sleep, Repeat… not always in that order.

Boredom is the topic of this page… this is why training and exercise are very important pieces of a dog’s life. Without them, dogs get bored, and that equals trouble. You’ve seen dog shaming before so you know that I’m telling the truth. And if you still don’t believe me, keep reading!

Wesley is no different. He has eaten the baseboards, walls, staircase, furniture, shoes, beds, you name it. I can’t make this stuff up! And I know many others that have suffered this fate before.

This is the corner of the ottoman –
nothing a little duct tape couldn’t fix


And let’s not forget most of the baseboard corners –  DIY home improvement project


And if you dare leave the closet door open –
you might come home to this – really Wes?!


Or this… look at those faces –
they had a lot of fun with whatever that was


IMAG0440That was a brand new bed purchased hours before!

And if your furbabies are anything like Wesley and his brother, Pet Insurance is a real life saver if they happen to swallow the items they chew up. SomeDog ate the nails from the baseboard corners! Healthy Paws Pet Insurance & Foundation