About Me

Hi, I’m Alyx

I am a technology professional with a love for new technology and animals. I have an MBA and a BS in Information Technology.

My interests include being a responsible pet owner, watching professional & college sports, managing & playing on a women’s softball team, playing golf (not very well, but it’s still fun) and paintball.


I love dogs of all breeds but I especially love the bully breed. Their adorable block heads, they give kisses for days, have goofy personalities, and of course… their irresistible smileIMG_1651 that always fills my heart. There are many “Responsible” pit bull owners and plenty of dogs in shelters and foster homes wanting love and a great home like yours. Adopt-Rescue-Foster-Donate!

This website is dedicated to the rescue pit mix who saved my life and taught me patience, compassion & love. Forever in my heart.